Dog-Wash & Grooming


Non-haircut grooming prices are: $25/$40/$45 depending on dog size.  If fleas are found there is a $15 surcharge.
Complete grooming is quoted per dog.



If you would rather wash your own dog, our dog washing facilities provide plenty of warm water in tall, comfortable sinks so that you don’t get the dreaded lower back dog-wash syndrome. We supply shampoo, either mild, non-allergenic or non-detergent, oatmeal shampoo, conditioner/detangler, brushes, combs, towels, dryers, nail clippers, a waterproof apron for you and even a picture of you at work if you like; in short, every thing you need for dog grooming and washing but the dog.

Self-wash is $20.
If you wash and want us to trim nails, a nail-trim only is $15.

It is not necessary for your dog to be doggy daycare eligible to be groomed or washed, but we encourage you to consider enrolling in doggy daycare as a reward to your dog. If your dog comes to associate grooming and bathing with fun doggy daycare or even dog training, it often makes a world of difference in their attitudes toward hygiene polite dogs, clean dogs, happy dogs all.



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