Clean Dogs, Polite Dogs, Happy Dogs All!

Gone to the Dogs Daycare is great fun!

  • Our staff will watch your dogs, play with them, feed them, help with dog training, medicate them if necessary and in general be a complete pal to all dogs in our care.
  • Every dog has access to rest beds, fresh water, safe toys and a wonderful and clean indoor and outdoor play area.
  • Our daycare population is carefully screened to include only healthy, pest-free, dog-and-people-friendly dogs. One or more of our staff is with the dogs at all times.
  • The play areas are covered in thick, shock-absorbing flooring and wainscoting to protect the bones and joints of the bigger dogs and the safety of all the dogs.
  • Our facilities are designed so that all dogs must pass between two doors to go from one area to another, so we always maintain control over the ebb and flow of our guests…safety is our highest priority.

Our services include, dog daycare, dog training, dog grooming and dog washing.


Dog Day Care Fees

(due in advance)
Temparament Evaluation $17.00
Full Day $28.00
5 Visit Pack $134.00
10 Visit Pack $250.00
20 Visit Pack $455.00
Half Day $20.00
5 Visit Pack $102.00
10 Visit Pack $180.00
20 Visit Pack $340.00
Hourly $6.50
5 and 10 visit packs must be used within two months of purchase.
20 visit packs must be used within three months of purchase
second dog 10% discount from above rate schedule
Dog Wash Rates:
You Wash $20.00
We Wash (includes ear cleaning and nail trim) under 20 lbs $25.00
over 20 lbs $40.00
over 80 lbs $45.00
Nail Trim $15.00
Flea Charge $15.00