Obedience & Safety-In-Traffic Training

Gone to the Dogs dog training methodology is a positive reinforcement based obedience regimen in which Portland area dogs become socialized, learn attention, manners, patience and specific safety, agility and obedience (hand and voice) commands; and the owners learn dog training.

Our dog training students (who are also doggy daycare guests) quickly learn the polite way to get in and out of cars and to let you go through a doorway first, to sit upon meeting a stranger, and to walk politely on a loose leash at your heel. They learn to lie down and wait for you if you ask them to, to pay attention to the person in charge of them and ignore those who aren’t. If you are looking for trained dogs or dog training in Portland and beyond, read on…

As most of our training dogs live and play in the Portland area with high volumes of vehicular traffic, Gone to the Dogs training dogs are taught safe behavior in street-traffic situations. We do this by training dogs in shopping centers and other settings with lots of cars and pedestrian activity, essentially our dog training facility is the neighborhood where your dogs are going to live their lives. Gone to the Dogs dog training students learn to pay attention to commands in the midst of these distractions while learning that walking at the heel amid traffic is not a frightening activity. Our dog training students eventually learn to WHOA! on hand and voice command, so that a finished dog will stop and sit or lie down on voice command even if he or she is running away from you. Safety in dog training is our highest priority.

Our training dogs work for our approval and affection and the sense of satisfaction this brings them. Dogs are generally eager to please and in dog training they will readily obey commands and perform the required task for the approval and praise of their trainer. The dog training student’s owner, in fact, their whole family, is often included in the final portion of our dog training regimen so that the family learns our training commands and cues, expectations and methods of dog training. Our goal in dog training is for the families become the prime trainers.

Gone to the Dogs dog training is designed to be transitioned to the dog’s owner at the completion of training so that our dogs’ owners continue training and the dog is assured a “job”, assured a sense of purpose, continuing discipline and a tangible means of expressing joy.

Training is offered in blocks of 20 sessions. Each session comes with two hours of doggy daycare. Each block is $870.